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Tuberculosis cases increase in the North East

Dirty gobbing bastard

True news story from the BBC. Since 2006, cases of tuberculosis have increased in the North East of England by 38%. We all know that it’s passed through saliva – coughing and spitting are a huge part in spreading this disease. I expect cases to increase even further due to […]


Two days before Hallowe’en and I just counted the cash I have in my pocket.


What are the chances, eh?


Rhino Car Hire – thank you!

A slightly sideways post this one. I have been dealing with Scott from Rhino Car Hire over the last few days. He came across the 1000 Mile Walk site, and has made a very generous donation to the Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation. I know that site doesn’t get the traffic it did, so I would […]

The name’s Brand. Russel Brand. And I fucked your grand-daughter.”

And I don’t care. Those outside of the UK likely haven’t heard of the people involved in the current BBC scandal doing the rounds. Russell Brand (who I only heard of this week, but I’ve been out of the country for some time) and Jonathan Ross (a somewhat whacky DJ/TV personality) left telephone messages for […]

New product research

Do any companies these days actually scout out their prospective customers, or do they all just look at the competition and mimic what they’re doing – even if it makes more sense?

Today’s grumble is about Creative Labs and their present range of Zen media players. I’m in the market for something new, […]