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Sometime it’s the simple ones…

Working in tech support – or being a “geek on hire” – has its moment. Some problems are a nightmare, or you just get blamed for stuff that’s not your fault because… well, you’re the IT guy and you should be able to fix Windows.

Then you get the occasional easy one. Like […]

The situation in Thailand

I’ve spent some time in Thailand over the last couple of years and really like the country. I like the people, the food, the culture, the hustle, the bustle, the films… but their politics is something else. The current situation as I write exemplifies this.

A couple of years ago, as a result […]

Coffee ‘n’ sugar

I don’t like coffee. I love the smell, will eat coffee cake and – although they’re not my favourite by any stretch – I’ll even eat coffee creams. However, it’s not a drink I enjoy.

To whit, another in my extremely limited series of culinary hints and tips:

How to make a cup […]

Holy drumming hell!

The guy in the following video is cool as fuck for two reasons:

1) He’s made his own drum kit for Guitar Hero III

2) He’s fucking awesome at it as well.

I tried this track on “easy” at Andy‘s some time ago (it’s DragonForce‘s Through The Fire and Flames) and it’s hard […]

Are you a member of the BNP?

Or, more accurately, were you two years ago?

Then I know where you live(d). As, potentially, does every person in the UK. Including those who’ve been bullied, intimidated, threatened and physically harmed by you and those underage cunts in Combat 18. And now you’re asking for police protection? Suck my cock you racist bastards. I […]