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When I rule the world

Well, the UK at least. Come on, I can’t do a worse job that that fuckit who’s in charge at the moment that nobody voted for.

I’ve got a ton of ideas and I’ve listed them before but I’ve come up with another to add to the list. It’s a nice simple one. […]

This Gerrard thing

Anyone following the news in the UK, particularly the football side of things, will know that Steven Gerrard was arrested and then charged with assault over the last couple of days.Fine and dandy, this kind of thing happens. I don’t know the full story and I doubt anyone who wasn’t there does either.


Assault on Precinct 13

I started watching Assault on Precinct 13 (the 2005 remake) on Film4 the other night, but a little over halfway through it all went to cock and the cancelled the showing. It took them 15 minutes to announce this – I reckon they’d sent one of the temps off to Blockbuster to try […]

Hammered by Scousers

No refereeing complaints on this one. Mark Halsey had a good game and kept the match flowing as well as he could. It’s just that we were crap and Liverpool were on fire.

My man of the match? Shay Given. His opening 30 minutes showcased some of the best keeping I’ve seen all […]

What movies have I seen?

I pinched this one from Andy, who’s supposed to be a cine-geek but who scores surprisingly low on this meme. I’m not the cinephile I once was – time is a factor – but there are a lot of older flicks on here so I should score well.

Here goes:

Mark the ones […]