T-Shirt Hell is fucking off

Geocaching T-shirts
These t-shirts aren't rude enough

Apparently not due to the recession, the person behind T-Shirt Hell has decided to call it a day, which is a shame as I always keep meaning to buy more of their stuff. Espcially since the import restriction on good was raised above the frankly, pointless £18 limit a couple of months ago.

However, I do still have quite a few shirts on my wish list. So if you fancy getting me some natty new wears for when I get back home in June, I’d not say no to a handful of them…

If some of you are daft enough to chuck some cash my way via a dodgy t-shirt shop run by an apparent racist homophobe with a child porn fetish, then “thank you” and please remember to update my wish list so that someone else doesn’t buy the same one!

Hey, it’s worth a shot…

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Big Buck Bunny

Big Buck Bunny poster
Big Buck Bunny

Fancy a very entertaining 10-minute CGI cartoon for free? Then head over to Big Buck Bunny and download this very entertaining short. You can watch it on YouTube etc, but I’d heartily recommend cranking up your preferred torrent program and downloading the high-quality version.

The film’s been made using all freeware utilities by a group of people who just fancied pushing the software to its limits. It’s no Wall-E, but damn impressive for what it is with some wonderfully giggly moments.

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Random meme

The meme shirt

I was “tagged” by Amy for this one:

Q. Five names you go by:

  • Iain – erm, obviously. It’s my name after all
  • my surname – a hangover from a posh school where first names were frowned upon by staff. I also happen to have quite a few mates called Ian or Iain, and in the last place I worked there were four of us. For some reason I always ended up being the one referred to by their surname
  • Mosh / Mosher – Long-standing self-inflicted nickname. Although at least it’s accurate

I don’t have another two. Unless I just include insults.

Q. Three things you are wearing right now:

  • Kantha Bopha Blood Bank t-shirt from Cambodia. It’s too small for me, but I love wearing it to advertise the hospital
  • Lightweight travel-trousers with zip-off legs. Ideal for travelling as they wear well, wash easily and dry quickly. I did notice last night that they’re getting a little threadbare around one area. Need to keep an eye on that
  • Hiking boots. The ones I did the 1000 Mile Walk in, so they’re pretty well broken in

Q. Two things you want very badly at the moment:

  • To figure out what the hell I want out of life and actually do it
  • To be back in Asia, backpacking with no time limits or restrictions

Q. Two things you did last night:

  • Drank beer
  • Drank more beer
  • Oh, OK then – spent hours working on Tony’s PC to get rid of all the spyware and malware his kids had managed to soak it in

Q. Two things you ate today:

  • Erm. Absolutely nothing. I’ve not eaten anything whatsoever and now I’m on a train until I get to London in 3½ hours
  • If it counts as food, a cup of tea

Q. Two people you last talked to on the phone:

  • Leah’s mum
  • My mum

Q. Two things you are going to do tomorrow:

  • Purchase some US Dollars for use in Cambodia
  • Panic about sleeping in on Tuesday morning and missing my flight

Q. Two longest car rides:

Q. Two of your favorite beverages:

  • Newcastle Brown Ale
  • Fresh-squeezed passion fruit juice, from the little old lady at Phrom Pong BTS station in Bangkok

Q. The people you’d like to respond:

  • Anyone who feels like it. I’m easy pleased.
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