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Back in Asia

Updates will be back to “as and when” now as internet access will be variable. In the meantime, check out my travel blog as that will have the priority over the waffle here.

Now I’m going to sit back in the 20-degree warmth with a cool beer and chill out.



T-Shirt Hell is fucking off

These t-shirts aren't rude enough

Apparently not due to the recession, the person behind T-Shirt Hell has decided to call it a day, which is a shame as I always keep meaning to buy more of their stuff. Espcially since the import restriction on good was raised above the frankly, pointless £18 limit […]

Big Buck Bunny

Big Buck Bunny

Fancy a very entertaining 10-minute CGI cartoon for free? Then head over to Big Buck Bunny and download this very entertaining short. You can watch it on YouTube etc, but I’d heartily recommend cranking up your preferred torrent program and downloading the high-quality version.

The film’s been made using all […]

Random meme

I was “tagged” by Amy for this one:

Q. Five names you go by:

Iain – erm, obviously. It’s my name after all my surname – a hangover from a posh school where first names were frowned upon by staff. I also happen to have quite a few mates called Ian or Iain, and […]

You eyeballing me?

Stop staring!

Bizarre little game, this one. It’s more of a test, in a way. You know how when you check a picture to see if it’s level just by looking at it? This is called “eyeballing”, and the game tests your ability to perform various tasks of this ilk.

Definitely easier with […]