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The Lesson of her Death by Jeffrey Deaver

In a month that brought us the staggering news of a Ben Stiller film that I actually found funny, we’ve also struck another anomoly: a Jeffrey Deaver novel that’s really just not very good at all.

The Lesson of Her Death is, frankly, a bit of a mess. Deaver doesn’t know whether to make it […]

28 Weeks Later

28 Weeks Later

Much better than just shoving a “II” at the end of the previous film’s title, 28 Weeks Later details events happening… erm… 28 weeks after the events in 28 Days Later.

Plot-in-a-nutshell: a virus decimated London, then England in the first film. As the second film begins, the virus has […]



After the success of Lock Stock and Snatch, Guy Ritchie went into a bit of a decline – around about the time he married Madonna and started putting her in his films. RocknRolla is his first film post-divorce and though it’s not a complete return to form it’s still entertaining.

As ever, […]

Couldn’t put it better

Don't fly on me

A post on Times Online detailing 20 reasons not to fly Ryanair. They pretty much cover everything although I’ll clarify point 2. If one person in your group has a bag then you all must check in at the airport and all pay the check-in charge, but only if […]


Not black

Liquorice (or licorice, if you’re an Aussie) is not black but very, very dark green. You discover this the day after you’ve eaten a full bag of it and notice the water in the loo is a rather strange colour.