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The law needs a shake-up

Nope – can't use this

I’ve had a bit of a conversation on Twitter with John about this, but 140 letters at a time isn’t something that can do this subject justice. To start with the back-story:

Leah and I went out on Friday night. By the time we got back, some kids […]

Punisher: War Zone

Punisher: War Zone

You know sometimes you just want to watch stuff being blown up and bad guys having their heads blown off? Well, here’s one for you – Punisher: War Zone. Up there with the previous Thomas Jane outing (and probably better than the Dolph Lundgren one from years back that I’ve […]

Drag Me To Hell

Drag Me To Hell (ish)

It’s been a while since I’ve watched a horror. I went off them some time ago. Don’t know why, I just did. In fact, I think the last was Saw… something. They all seem the same after the second one. Well, this weekend I ran out of stuff […]

12 Rounds

Couldn't find a 12 Rounds pic. This is close enough.

Imagine a cross between Die Hard 3 and 16 Blocks only without Bruce Willis. Or any other actors you may have heard of before. Add a dash of The Game and a random ex-fake wrestler (the WWE even produced the film), stir in […]

More ways to waste your time

Puzzle Baron

After giving a quick plug to another puzzle site recently, I discovered Puzzle Baron. It’s along the same lines with around a dozen different mental games. You can play some online, some are available to print out as PDF files, and others you can do both ways.

Definitely worth a look. It’s […]