Pay the Devil by Jack Higgins

Cover of "Pay the Devil"
Jack Higgins - Pay The Devil

After the last Jack Higgins book, I wasn’t holding out much hope but Pay The Devil was much better. Originally written under a pseudonym, it was re-released some time ago and bundled in a 2-novel volume that I picked up in Ko Tao.

The archaic writing style which partially spoiled the last novel works well in this one. It’s set in the US and Ireland around the end of the American Civil War so the language used actually adds to the story rather than making it feel clunky. It’s a fairly simple sale, too, with a handful of characters a good pace and some decent technical and historical points being raised.

As ever at the moment, I don’t have time to delve deeper, but I do recommend this if you have a lazy afternoon or two to spare.

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