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School update

The tie in question

Another couple of days under my belt and I’m still not ready to kill anyone else, let alone myself. I am becoming more and more aware of the workload and issues to be dealt with – as well as the ongoing lack of employment opportunities for qualified teachers – but […]

Poll: Which is worst?

I’ve not had a poll on the blog for years! After hearing about Ourman‘s random barging in by his landlord this morning, I just have to ask (ideally, you need JavaScript enabled):

Free Blog Poll

Sorry about the pale colours. Please note that Steve wasn’t naked and wasn’t bashing the bishop when the landlord walked […]

R.I.P. Ed :(

R.I.P. little fella

Before I left the UK to go travelling in 2006 I had two lovely cats. Both were adopted from other places – KK from random chav neighbours who moved house and abandoned her, Ed from a friend who had to move house and couldn’t take him with her.

Anni, being sweet […]

And in music today…”


A few things music-y popped up today so I thought I’d bang a post up rather than just raving about them on Twitter.


As well as being overjoyed at getting a ticket to see them at Glasgow Barrowlands in November, I’m well impressed with the title track they’ve started streaming from […]

Windows 7: XP Mode

Windows 7

Time for a geeky post – it’s been a while. I was tinkering with the beta version of Windows 7 for a while before it expired and was… well, I’d not say “impressed”, as it had problems with basic graphic drivers on my Acer TravelMate 2410. Otherwise it looked like it had […]