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SAAS – again

SAAS are still defying belief as one of the most inept government departments I have ever dealt with. And that’s facing some stiff competition.

Following on from the last letter I received and responded to, I have waited a month and heard nothing. I called them (or tried to – see earlier posts) with no […]

I have some ologies

I nicked this one from Helen. Feel free to comment, rip it, post a link to your own version, tell me to stop messing about and do my homework… whatever.

FOODOLOGY What is your salad dressing of choice? Salt. You need anything else on salad?

What is your favorite sit-down restaurant? I loved Gong Corner […]

Say goodbye to your internet

Secretary for Business and out-of-touch sleazebag

People my age will remember the old days when someone would tell you off for something, and the response would be to tut and say “it’s a free country”.

Well those days are coming to an end and there’s no worse example of why than the new […]

I had a rally good time

I managed not to break this car.

I apologise forthwith for that awful headline.

Anyway, later than it should be up, a little something about last weekend. Courtesy of a birthday present I’d not had time to cash in I had a Rally Experience voucher available for Knockhill, out in the country between […]

Film Wednesday

Taking Woodstock

I managed to get an afternoon off work due to the school going on fire and everyone being given the rest of the day off. Taking this as a sign from some random deity that I was being overworked (despite it being a day when I had no lessons all afternoon […]