AVI Chunk Viewer – how to remove it

I’ve had this annoying popup for ages. When you highlight an AVI file and hold SHIFT it often appears. This is most annoying when you want to move files (SHIFT+mouse) or force-delete (SHIFT-DEL).

I did some digging online and the best solutions I got were pointing me to a settings or configuration program within some XVid codec installs. Thing is, I don’t have those particular codecs so that didn’t help.

A bit of a dig later, courtesy of Process Explorer (formerly by sysinternals, now Microsoft) and I found that the program being used was one avisplitter.ax which can be found in C:/Windows/System32. I renames this (popped a “.bak” on the end)… and problem solved.

As far as I can tell, this has had no other effects on the system. Everything else seems to be working fine. However, I’ll leave the file in place rather than delete it just in case.

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38 thoughts on “AVI Chunk Viewer – how to remove it”

  1. The reason why it pops up is to inform you that something is wrong with the AVI file.
    Just by disabling the viewer file, it won’t solve the problem (the index of the AVI file is corrupt, or the video and audio tracks are out of sinc, etc.

    1. Get VirtualDub (current version is 1.9.9).
    2. Unzip the file into an empty folder.
    3. Launch VirtualDub.exe.
    4. Change the settings… in the Video AND Audio tabs, set EACH to Direct Stream Copy
    5. Open the AVI file (File… Open Video File) you’ll see a warning window that tells you
    about the size of the possible problem. Just close it.
    6. Save (File… Save as AVI) to a different folder than the one with the problem.

    Watch the new file… if the AVI Chunck Viewer warning does not show up… the problem is fixed and you can delete the original file.

    Hope this helps you.

  2. Hey PS. That’s another possible solution to the problem, but the Chunk Viewer doesn’t only pop up for “damaged” AVIs. It was popping up for every single one I had on my PC, regardless of whether they were downloaded, created fresh or converted from another format. It was simply annoying! By deleting one of the files it needed to run, I managed to stop it which is all I was bothered about šŸ™‚

  3. It should only show up when damage is present, after all that is the purpose of the program. The blue and red lines should run almost one on top of the other, representing the video and audio are in sinc. Any deviation = damage… shown as separate lines.

    I don’t get the reasoning behind deleting Chunk Viewer and keeping corrupted files, instead of spending 2 minutes and fixing a 700Mb file. Sounds a bit like when getting a virus, instead of attacking and eliminating the virus, the antivirus is deleted so the warning of the virus attack won’t show up again.

  4. My reasoning for deleting it was that almost every time I tried to move files (by holding SHIFT and dragging them) this flipping thing popped up, unwanted, and got in the way. I didn’t deliberately install it, I’ve no idea what package I have installed which did it for me and there’s no option to *not* have it any more. No uninstall, no “off” button, nothing.

    I also don’t believe that almost 100% off my AVIs had problems. Certainly, I’ve watched most of them and there are no visible or audible issues as far as I can tell. So whatever “faults” it was trying to tell me about aren’t worth the hassle.

    Essentially, it was useless, annoying and shouldn’t have been installed in the first place.

  5. Use the tool CodecTweakTool_422.exe from K-Lite.
    Than: Manage preferred source filters abd set AVI to Microsoft (default)


  6. I get so sick of listening to the people who mention VirtualDub and say that AVI Chunck Viewer is just doing its job and has detected a bad or corrupted avi file. That is bullshit. This stupid program has never detected a bad file, it just comes up when you press the shift key.ewer

  7. I think i have solved this: the program is installed with FormatFactory. After reading this article, i searched my computer for the file AviSplitter

    I found it here: C:\Program Files\FreeTime\FormatFactory\FFModules\Filters\AviSplitter.ax

    After renaming the file, i can hold down shift while clicking an avi file, and no longer see the AVI Chuck Viewer come up

  8. OK, two comments by two “different” people from the same IP address on the same old post, but I’ll let it slide as the blog doesn’t get so muc traffic these days. Do note that I think the Chunk Viewer is installed “inside” a *lot* of different software packages. It’s just hard to figure out which one you have on your machine.

  9. I was in the same situation – no new codecs, changed nothing in my system – and it popped up every time I used shift in Word. Extremely annoying, great solution.


  10. Just another idea for those using Format Factory, in the advanced section of Options, uninstall all “inside codecs” then go to Program Files\FreeTime\FormatFactory\FFModules\Filters and remove or delete avisplitter.ax. Now simply go back to Format Factory and re-install the codecs.

    Its not perfect, but hey, what is?!?

  11. If it works, it works! That’s great, thank you šŸ™‚

    And no worries on the “fake.email”. Helps prove you’re not a spammer!

  12. @ Derek : August 27, 2010

    Thanks – AVI Chunk Viewer must have arrived in Format Factory. Adding .bak to C:\Program Files\FreeTime\FormatFactory\FFModules\Filters\AviSplitter.ax did the job.

  13. Thanks, Rob. Yes, renaming a file is always a better alternative than straight deleting it. Just wish they’d stop tagging the program onto the installation of so many other applications.

  14. Thank you Mosh & Rob. I found it to be in Format factory.
    I also found out it will not pop up if you wait a second after clicking on the AVI file before hitting the shift key.

    I’m using Vista Home Premium

  15. The now infamous AVI Chunk Viewer pops up EVEN THOUGH i don’t press the SHIFT key on my computer keyboard.

    It is obviously a video utility someone wrote to alert AVI video format users that the video/audio file is not saved perfectly interleaved. People get annoyed by this popping up and therefore delete, rename or somehow neutralize the AVI Chunk Viewer.

    But the utility simply warns you that were you to copy the AVI video, as is, onto a DVD drive, it might not play well on a “slow media, like a CD-ROM”. On the hard drive it might not matter, and yet could be the reason for some slight video-audio out of synchronization.

    I get this AVI Chunk Viewer pop-up ONLY with AVI files exported from CAKEWALK. It obviously writes the file in such a way that chunks of video data are given priority over audio data, at the beginning of the file, because there’s a lot more video data per frame than audio data. I think that’s a clever way to write the video file, but AVI Chunk Viewer gives an alert based on other assumptions as to how a video/audio file should be written to Disk.

    Though the pop-up warning is triggered with CAKEWALK exported videos, the videos play from my Hard Drive with perfect synchronicity, but if I try to trim/edit those videos, (freeware) software I’ve tried jam up, or say “video will have no audio”, or some other problem. I just don’t think the makers of the freeware are cognizant of better concepts as to how an AVI video is best written to Disk.

    AVI video is ancient and has many variants, so it is no wonder some, more modern, software cannot deal with all the variants. But it is a loss-less format, and I like it for the crispness of the video component.

  16. Hey there. Found a few other instances of the avisplitter.ax file on my machine. Thought you may want to know it also seems to be packaged with WinAvi Video Converter, The KMPlayer, and K-Lite Codec Pack. The .bak trick mentioned above worked just fine.

  17. Most annoying spamware ever.

    I don’t care in any kind of way about the information this program is giving me. I couldn’t care less if anything is wrong with my avi files. THEY WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whatever problem they might have, have absolutely no effect, and therefore have absolutely zero relevance. Hence, this program is a piece of crapware, that made it’s way onto countless peoples computers without them wanting it to.

    Whoever decided to include this crapware with whatever software made a HUGE mistake.

    I don’t want this crap on my computer. It has no use. Drop it!!!!

    Do not be telling me or others complaining about it, how to fix their avi files. It has no relevanse. Just stop this crapware now!

  18. Well, it pops up WITHOUT me hitting the Shift key, without using ANY avi-files at all, and – the most funny part! – I don’t even have that AviSplitter.ax on my PC! I have no FreeTime\FormatFactory or whatever of the above-mentioned directories either… How on earth could I remove/rename a file that I don’t have?… Any suggestions – anyone?…

  19. Found it on \Windows\System32 šŸ˜ . I have just renamed it to .bak. Also found a avisplitter.ini on /Windows. Hope it works!

  20. In windows directory, look for AVI Splitter.ini
    Change the line to read: HideAviSplitterWarning=1

  21. If that works, it’s a nice little solution! Still, it would be even nicer if this package wasn’t installed without your knowledge in the first place.

  22. You can also deregister the file from the .AVI extension using regedit? I’ve tried but came up with a reference to reference to reference to a reference of the AVISplitter.AX file. It’s easier to just delete the freaking file. But then that messes up AVI extracting in Format Factory? This is a STUPID implementation! šŸ™

    BTW: You can’t get to the box to enter the captcha code without a mouse. Weird HTML/JS bug…

  23. Oh, I thought there was no AviSplitter.INI but it seems I was looking in %System% instead of %Windows% or whatever variable names Microsoft uses across all versions.

    Just set that line to 1 and you’re good to go – Thanks!

  24. I did read the whole topic:
    I edited the AviSplitter.INI file in Windows folder =1, it’s still annoying.
    I renamed the AviSplitter.AX file in Format Factory directory, it’s still annoying.
    There’s nothing related to AviSplitter or AviChunkViewer in my System32 folder.
    I have no K-Lite Codecs in my computer. I searched something related to that and nothing was founded.

    Now what? Avi Chunk Viewer is so damn annoying for me since I have to record videos from my desktop many times at a week. I can’t record in another format but AVI.

    (Sorry my English is poor)

  25. Sorry, Leo. All the help I have to offer is in the blog post and the comments. If you do find a solution, please post here and let us know how you solved it!

  26. I kept having this pop up on any avi file, healthy or not. I found the file before this website, but it’s nice to know I can rename it without issue. I run XP as a file server and when sorting, renaming and moving files around this thing is stupid. You can’t rename or move a file if chunk viewer is open. It’s a, largely, useless tool and should have the option to change it’s hotkey instead of having to track it down and rename it.

  27. Or you can do as I finally did: Dump Windows and use Linux. There are hundreds of versions of Linux, and I found that Linux Mint is very similar to Windows in layout and usage, and the lerning curve is very easy. Mozila Firefox is the default web browser, Libre Office is a perfect lookalike to Micro$oft Office, and currently there are 38,558 software packages that you can install simply by selecting them, plus you can run run WINE and emulate Windows to run programs you are familiar with using.

    More than anything else, I have found Linux Mint to be far better than Windows in speed, stability, and updates install without being required to reboot as much (about once per blue moon). Last item: Unlike Windows, Linux can be booted from DVD, experimented from the DVD, and until you click on the “Install” icon on the desktop, nothing is permanently written to your system. But if you click on the “Install” icon, you will be given three choices:

    Replace your current operating system – (I don’t recommend this until you know for sure you really want to do this)

    Install alongside your operating system – (my recommended choice, because you can select Windows during bootup)

    Something else (and it really does give this as an option)

  28. I did the Linux thing a few years ago. Went through about 3-4 releases of Ubuntu, as well as trialling others. Over time, I found it caught up with Windows in slowness booting once I had an equivalent number of programs installed. It also crashed, though not perhaps as often as XP.

    On the major downside, getting drivers for some fairly standard hardware was a nightmare and one particular kernel update wiped out my previously-functional wireless. I ended up having to buy a separate dongle to get it working again! Never had that problem with Windows.

    Over time I found myself using it less and less as I simply found Windows easier, more stable, and had a greater variety of higher-quality software available. Yes, you can use WINE, but it doesn’t work well for everything. Have a look through the Gold-Class list and the majority of things are general utilities and first-person shooters.

    As for Libre / Open Office, neither compares to MSOffice. I never thought I’d say that, but they don’t – primarily with the presentation tool. Compatibility issues with file-types are a pain as well. I worked at a school a year or so again which had three versions of MSOffice shot-gunned around the place. Hell, one of the *rooms* I worked in had all three versions randomly spread across the machines.

    Adding what was OpenOffice at the time to the equation was a nightmare. Even when it claimed to be saving in Office 2000 format it was screwing things up and I ended up losing several hours’ work as a result.

    Since getting a new laptop with Windows7 on, I’ve not looked back. I stripped Ubuntu off my old netbook (well, tried to – GRUB is a *nightmare* to uninstall) and just left it with XP.

    Linux has its place, but it’s just not for me. We had our fun while it lasted but I’ve moved on now šŸ˜‰

  29. Gente, uso o windows 7 home premiun, e tinha o mesmo problema, achei o arquivo Avi Splitter.ax na pasta do Format Factory/FFModules/filters simplemente alterei para bola nas costas.ax ou qualquer outro nome, pronto acabou o problema ou seja sumiu o AviChunkViewer

    [Trans courtesy of Google: Folks, I use Windows 7 Home Premiun, and had the same problem, I found the file in the folder Splitter.ax Avi Format Factory / FFModules / filters simply changed to ball in costas.ax or any other name, ready just the problem that is gone the AviChunkViewer]

  30. I’ve been trying to kill that AVI Chunk Viewer for years, and unfortunately no amount of dabbling in Windows including the instructions on here have ever worked to get rid of it. At this point I’m thinking it’s just built into the Windows OS itself.

    I use Media Player Classic and did notice a “HideAviSplitterWarning” located at: “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Gabest\Media Player Classic\Settings” with a default setting of 0, however changing the setting to 1 (just like in avisplitter.ini) also didn’t work for me.

    I guess I just won’t Shift+Click on any AVI files anymore, or possibly install some lite or portable Windows Explorer alternative when I know I’ll be messing around with AVI’s.

  31. After the vista “neverending” search, failed to finde the avisplitter.ax, but like someone said up there, when in the Codec Tweak Tool find the Avi Splitter, click next, and done! so long fking chunk viewer! Thanks a lot for your help!

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