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Toy Story 3 (with added D)

The final (probably) installation in PIXAR‘s initial franchise closes the lid on the adventures of Buzz and Woody.

Toy Story 3

“The claaaaaaaw!”

I’m assuming anyone reading this is familiar with the first two films and therefore the characters. Some have vanished over time – Andy is after all now 17 years old and about […]

Kids ‘n stuff

Blue Dragon Children's Foundation

This may end up being a fairly emotional post, but hopefully will help drive home something that means a lot to me.

As most of you know, I recently had a career change and moved into teaching. There were a few reasons for this. Partly due to the recession, partly […]

Karate Kid

Another 80’s remake, another triumph.

The Karate Kid

“Everything… is kung fu.”

Forget Daniel. Forget “wax on, wax off”. Don’t forget Pat Morita as Mr Miyagi (because he was awesome). Welcome Jaden Smith to the canon of incredibly gifted young actors.

This is the perfect “reimagining” of a film that so many of us remember […]

Blue Dragon – made it!

To save me repeating the story, link here. But it’s awesome news!

Blue Dragon Children's Foundation

A-Team review

The A-Team

Big, brash and silly this is a great update of a classic bit of TV trash.

The A-Team

“He’s trying to fly that tank”

Remakes and updates are dangerous territory. There’s the risk of destroying fond memories or of throwing money at a project that simply doesn’t match up to the […]