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ACS:Law and other dodgy organisations

Stories are reaching the mainstream news outlets now about the incredibly dodgy workings of ACS:Law. Their name is well known online amongst the geekier members of their community due to their shady tactics of trying to extort money from people for alleged illegal downloads. It has taken the crashing of their website and release of […]

Best movie deaths

Nope – you're in at number 2…

[second attempt at this article due to the new version of Google Chrome being shit and crashing]

I was driving home the other night and this topic was being discussed on the radio. It got me thinking – what are my favourite on-screen deaths? The ones […]

The Town

I’m starting to value my weekends now that I have a job, so it’s good to make the most of them. Up early doors to look after the U-14’s football (we won 1-7!) and then straight to the cinema to catch a film. Good days.

The Town

“We gotta do somethin’. I can’t tell you […]

World’s Greatest Dad

A possible return to form for Robin Williams, or a darkly un-funny comedy? Brought to you by the guy with the daft voice from the Police Academy films.

World’s Greatest Dad

“I like looking at vaginas.”

Plot-in-a-nutshell: Kyle’s a dick with a sex fixation, Lance is his father who tries his best to deal with […]

Not getting paid, Chris? Diddums.

A really awful DJ yesterday

I just read on the news that Chris Moyles had a bit of a rant on his radio show yesterday morning about not having been paid for two months. He was back on air this morning, standing by what he’d said the previous day, and defending himself with […]