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Isn’t this a bit racist?

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Annoyingly (and bizarrely) I can’t find reference to the story I heard on BBC 5 Live on their website anywhere. Partly because the search facility on the BBC News website is complete crap.

Anyway… the story in question. Apparently there is talk about forcing through some kind of legislation to […]

Amateur Transplants and Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

I think he would have approved

A rather unusual pairing and an unusual week for me in that I didn’t go to the cinema. Instead, I caught two live performances – both part of the Glasgow Comedy Festival.

Amateur Transplants

“Someone’s trying to sing harmony. Don’t.”

The simple way to find out if […]

The Lincoln Lawyer

It’s Sunday night, I should be working so that means it must be time for… a film review!

The Lincoln Lawyer

“There is no client as scary as an innocent man.”

Plot-in-a-nutshell: Unethical defence lawyer defends dodgy character who’s even more dodgy that he first seems. Conflict of conscience occurs.

Another non-original work from Hollywood, […]

Limitless (preview screening)

Courtesy of Cineworld and Momentum Pictures, I managed to blag a free preview ticket to see Limitless this evening. A shame I couldn’t find anyone to join me as I had two tickets!


“It’s FDA approved.”

Plot-in-a-nutshell – Down and out author starts taking mind improvement drugs and rockets in popularity… but with consequences.


How to Destroy an Education System (by The Scottish Parliament, aged 11¾)

For those who are unaware, I am an NQT – “Newly Qualified Teacher“. Courtesy of the excellent system in Scotland, this means I get a fast track to full certification by being placed on a full year teaching experience on a wage slightly below that of a more experienced member of staff. I don’t get […]