Arnold Clark – lying, two-faced bastards

Lying bastards AVOID.

NEVER EVER EVER consider buying a car from these dodgy shysters.

To date Arnold Clark have:

  • Failed to return a car stereo in a vehicle I part-ex’d with them despite promising to do so. Sales staff simply stopped returning my calls after I purchased my new car.
  • Taken 3+ months to organise a half-day warranty repair. And then took 3 days to perform said repair. During the palaver, they claimed (to Renault, the only way I was able to organise anything was via the manufacturer!) to have spoken to me on several occasions – they didn’t. Not once. They also “confirmed” an appointment with me which I’d never spoken to them about and which I couldn’t have attended.
  • Mis-sold a car to my wife regarding size and specs, then refused to exchange our previous car back. Sales person lied to their manager about what he’d told us and how we had evaluated the vehicle. Manager believed him over us. We ended up having to get another vehicle elsewhere and ended up approximately £2000 out of pocket.
  • Sold my wife a car with a chipped windscreen (hidden by a sticker at the showroom), with a passenger door that won’t open from the inside, and a dodgy key that won’t start the car.

It’s a 7-seater and we need a vehicle this size. She’s been told that she has to pay for a hire vehicle (or specifically the insurance on one) while they fix their shoddy sale, and I will bet you our house that it will be something the size of a Clio, not the size we require. In other words, it’ll be useless.

The only thing stopping me driving down there and having it out with one of the lying, two-faced bastards is that she’s made me promise I won’t. I am FUMING at the moment and want nothing more than to go down when they’re busy and ensure that they make no sales while I’m on or near the premises.

I gather that Scotland has no trespass laws, so can they actually eject me? They certainly can’t have me moved on from the road outside…

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4 thoughts on “Arnold Clark – lying, two-faced bastards”

  1. Why don’t we all get together and press joint legal action, this company are getting away with lies everyday. They just think it’s ok to brake the law. If you sign a document on misleading information then the consumer protection should take this up?

  2. Unless a huge number of people took them up, there’s sadly little that can be done. In many cases it’s their word against a customer’s with no signed paperwork involved directly relating to the matter (as happened to us on at least on occasion).

    The customer would be trying to prove guilt with no evidence. Even if there is something, often the cost of court proceedings outweighs any recompense… assuming the customer wins.

    The best solution? Don’t get involved with them and spread the word on how unreliable and untrustworthy they are. In fairness, we’ve encountered *one* dealership who’d been consistently above-board and trustworthy… but we still won’t deal with them any more as the overall business seems based on making a fast buck at the expense of the customer.

    The old adage holds – you get what you pay for. I’d rather go elsewhere, pay more and know I’m not going to get fleeced by Arnold Clark.

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