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Captain Phillips

First film in a couple of weeks as we’ve been to that many gigs. Actually, we were heading to the Ramones/Andrew WK concert, but discovered we were a ticket short. I passed the one we had on at a loss to someone else and we went to see a film instead. Not very rock and […]


One film this week due to the times available. In fact, it was last week and I’ve only had a chance to type things up! So only a very brief review of:


“Don’t start something you cannae fucking finish.”

Plot-in-a-nutshell: corrupt policemen descends down a drug-fuelled helter-skelter

See it if you like: off-the-rails, slightly […]

How the zombie TV hit inspires German and European audiences

AMC’s The Walking Dead is unarguably the best zombie apocalypse series to date. The show’s plot, setting, and character development made it one of the most-watched television series nowadays. The hype reached global proportions—audiences across Asia and Europe are tuned in to the show’s developments from its first season. It has a huge fanbase particularly […]