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Prey – secure your laptop

You can't always lock it

I just found a useful little freeware program called Prey which may be useful for laptops, or indeed any computer. It runs on Linux, Windows and Mac and it’s open source.

What it does is simple. Should your machine be stolen, if the thief logs in (this is […]

Out of space?

Not as big as it may look

Just a quickie. I’ve found an error message that may be a little confusing in Ubuntu. I may raise it as a bug, in fact.

I was trying to copy the Windows 7 DVD ISO file from my hard drive to a 4Gb USB stick. The […]

XP faster than Linux?

My laptop’s more responsive and web pages seem to render so much quicker now. YouTube videos don’t stutter. Scrolling is smooth. All great.

Have I installed Windows 7? Nope, I’m just messing in XP.

I can’t believe how badly upgrading to Jaunty Jackelope has crippled my Ubuntu install. With the exception of the time […]

Messing with hard drives

Copying these isn't that simple

I’ve been randomly offline a lot over the last few days. Partially because I’ve been visiting friends and family, partially as I’ve been migrating hard drives in my laptop. Again.

Currently I run Windows XP and Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope (9.04) – predominantly the latter, though I keep the […]

Step through directories in Linux

This is a post mainly to remind myself how to do something that I discovered after a bit of a dig, but it may come in useful for anyone with a repetitive task to do under Linux.

What I had was a flat set of directories, each with a number of files in. What […]