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Laptop Alchemy

[links for all programs at the end of this post]

There’s a really popular game for Android called Alchemy which Gillian’s eldest took quite a shine to on my phone. It’s a really simple game, involving dropping icons of the basic four elements onto each other to create newer items. These can then be used […]

Lost your Windows/Office install key?

Can't reinstall?

I’ve located a very useful piece of freeware. When re-installing Windows on a machine, the only things you need are a working CD/DVD (or USB version) and the installation key. The key is supposed to be stuck onto the machine which is fine is a) it is and b) it’s not […]

AVI Chunk Viewer – how to remove it

I’ve had this annoying popup for ages. When you highlight an AVI file and hold SHIFT it often appears. This is most annoying when you want to move files (SHIFT+mouse) or force-delete (SHIFT-DEL).

I did some digging online and the best solutions I got were pointing me to a settings or configuration program within some […]



Recently I’ve been having problems with Firefox taking an age to boot up. I’ve more or less fully migrated to Google Chrome, but still need Firefox for some pages that don’t quite work properly in Chrome. Thing is, it’s taking about a minute to load what used to be a quick browser.

After […]


I just found this by random and it’s well worth a look if you like whacky artwork and clever computery stuff. Essentially it’s a big Flash animation, but it’s very hypnotic. A series of images by various artists have been layered together. As you dive into one you move to the next and so on.