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Chicken and bacon wraps

Bacon/chicken wraps!

I’ve not done a cooking post on here in ages, and I tried something a little new last night so here it is. Dead simple (as I prefer) and dead cheap (which I also prefer).


A George Formby ((Foreman? Whoever…) or similar) grill


Chicken fillet(s) Bacon (2 per slice […]

Mmm… fajitas

After dinner last night, I can definitely recommend Tesco‘s own-brand fajita box set. At a pound, it looks too cheap given that the likes of El Paso can be twice that. This just isn’t the case.

However, a couple of changes to the recipe on the back of the box will improve it.

First off, […]

Cheap recipe: egg on toast

One essential ingredient

I was just rattling this off to @driahades on Twitter and thought I might as well pop it on here to show exactly how lazy a “cook” I am. It’s cheap and very customisable depending on taste and ingredient availability.

You will need:

3 large eggs two slices of bread […]

Culinary hints

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When faced with a single red chilli pepper, don’t think the best way to impress people is to chew it up and eat it at the start of your meal. This causes great pain, suffering, sicky feelings in the tummy and a very painful bottom hole when it works its way […]

Cheap recipe: stew

Unmashed – mine's easier on the teeth

Another one of my dodgy recipes following on from the fairly popular “best chicken burgers ever“. This is another based around four simple provisos:

Cheap Fairly healthy Little effort involved in preparation Hardly any washing up involved

So it’s ideal for students, skinflints and blokes.

First […]