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Are you fit for the UK?

Do you deserve one of these?

@LDN on Twitter pointed out the following link today, asking readers – UK citizens and not – to click away and give it a go. I don’t know how many replies they got (“inundated” was the word used), but not a single person passed.

The link? A […]

Should we egg him on?

Ammunition, not foodstuff

Oh joy of joys. Much as I don’t tend to follow the violence route, it was a giggle to see Nick Griffin being egged by protestors outside of Parliament today. His petty bleatings afterwards that they weren’t allowed to protest against recognised political parties (erm… yes they are, Nick) only […]

Democracy FAIL

Democracy FAIL

You know, it’s sad to waste a vote by not using it. It’s even sadder to throw it away on something you know nothing about. But it’s disgraceful to use it to support a cause that tens of thousands of people lost their lives fighting against so recently.

Somehow the BNP gained […]

Whither weather?

Crystal Ball is not a venereal disease… but it should be

According to the news this morning, the weather bods in London reckon that Devon will hit highs of 41 degrees Celsius. In 2018. Now hang on. These are the same people who can’t reliably tell me if it’s going to blaze with […]

A day of anniversaries

Bravery in action

There are three, that I know of, things to commemorate today – June 6th. Well, four if you include the fact that 6am on the 6th of the 6th is a good time to draw pentagrams and balance up how much you reckon your soul could be worth on the […]