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Poll: Which is worst?

I’ve not had a poll on the blog for years! After hearing about Ourman‘s random barging in by his landlord this morning, I just have to ask (ideally, you need JavaScript enabled):

Free Blog Poll

Sorry about the pale colours. Please note that Steve wasn’t naked and wasn’t bashing the bishop when the landlord walked […]

Scruffy bastard smokers fuck off

At first glance it seems that the poll results are very much in favour of people being able to inflict their misery on others, or at very least along the lines that there’s room for argument:

Results of Smoking Ban poll

However. By removing all the repeated voting that came in day after day […]

Do you wear kex?

The largest number of voters for any poll so far, I think. Possibly because it’s been up for fucking ages. I have to admit, I thought more women would go without knickers than men, but maybe that’s just in my fantasy easy-access world. Nice to know that the majority do at some time or other, […]

About bloody time…

Yeah, yeah – I’ve been nagged enough. A new poll goes up today, but first of all the results of the last one: what do you think of black (liquorice) Midget Gems? Thing is, this has now become moot as Maynards have bought out Lion and replaced the lovely liquorice ones with fucking blackcurrant the […]

As promised… and some more bitties

New Vote-U-Like

Here’s the results from the last one, folks:

Results of Animaly poll

It seems that dogs and cats are equally liked, while almost as many people prefer to think of them as meals with the other people they like. Remind me never to mention “eating pussy” to those people.

And now the […]