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The Embodiment Of All That Is Metal

Diddy Wishingwell figure in top of Weebles Bar...
This photo will make some kind of sense if you read the blog post (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I mentioned in the recent Shinedown review that some comments at the gig had got my head ticking. I also said that it would result in another blog post.

This is that blog post. The events posted within don’t occur at any point near the California Presidential Primary.

Shinedown’s singer Brent took a pause between songs to “converse” with the crowd. By which I mean he asked some questions and imagined he heard the responses he wanted. Most likely unbeknownst to him, a rather light-headed person at the back of the room (horrific diarrhoea, no food in 24 hours then 1/4 pint of cider will do this to a man) actually engaged in the conversation. It went like this:

Brent: What’s one thing that’s certain in life?

Me: Taxes

Brent: Rock and roll! There is nothing in life that can’t be made simpler with drums, guitars, a bass and some kick-ass vocals. Rock and roll has been there for each and every one of you. How many times has rock and roll been there for you in your life?

Me: Three. Maybe four. No. Three.

And then I actually started thinking. Which is dangerous territory when your blood sugar only exists because of rehydration salts and 150ml of Strongbow.

Rock and roll had been there for me a few times. Seriously. It had. During some severe downtimes, I’ve turned to the likes of Hatebreed whose lyrics basically tell you (OK yell, loudly) that you shouldn’t be weak, that nobody can get you down but yourself and that you should fight back. I’m actually going to come back to that line of thought in yet another post shortly.

That would have been a sensible place to stop. But no. My mind meandered further down the wibbly-wobbly barely-focussed road it could barely see and the words “Weebles Wobble But They Never Fall Down” erupted from my lips. Much to the amusement, annoyance and/or bemusement of my lovely wife and our friend Wendi who had joined us for the gig.

Why? Because Lawnmower Deth have a song by that name. And it’s silly. And because when I’m upset or want to take my mind off stuff, I think of silly things. It cheers me up. It also cheers up my baby daughter as I sing some of their songs to her. Mainly because I’m a bit strange, but also because I know all the words. After all, it’s not difficult to remember the words to “Thermonuclear War Is Good For Your Complexion” when they’re:

Thermonuclear war… is good for your complexion,

Thermonuclear war… is good for your complexion,

Thermonuclear war… is good for your complexion,

Thermonuclear war… is good for your complexion.

I do not have a great memory.

Anyway, this got me thinking further. The lyrics for “Weebles…” are as follows and are lifted from the TV commercial for the little toys from way back when I was a kid. I think you can still get them these days, but they won’t be as good. Oh, no.

Weebles wobble, but they never fall down,

Weebles wobble, but they never fall down,

Weebles are round!

Don’t fall down!

Weebles are round!

Don’t fall down!


And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the embodiment of rock and metal. It’s been pushed off the airwaves, banned by religious movements, used as a prosecution tool by useless parents when their kids go tonto, vilified in the press… but it keeps coming back. Simply, you cannot keep a good thing down. Not unless you keep your finger pressed on it permanently. And every kid eventually got fed up doing that and the Weeble just popped right back up again.

We are the people of rock! And we are Weebles!

Don’t worry. I’m off to get some sleep now.

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Hatebreed – Glasgow Garage

Hatebreed - Glasgow 2

[More pics in this Flickr set]

The weather sucked, but I still managed to make it along the M8 to Glasgow for the Hatebreed gig. The motorway was like driving on unsurfaced back streets. Only slippy. This country really can’t handle a cold snap.

Due to the low turnout – weather related – the gig was shifted downstairs from the Garage to G2. A smaller venue, but far better suited to a small crowd. It also means the beer was only £2.80 a pint, though that could be because I got there so early. Glad I did as well, as there was an early curfew and Hatebreed were due on stage at 8:30. I’d normally have expected a headliner on at 9:30!

The band kicked off with three songs off the current album which suits me. The self-titled Hatebreed is, in my opinion, their strongest overall album to date. Older albums have some individually great songs, but this one’s damn good from start to finish.

Over the hour-and-a-quarter, the band hammered out a ton of material with very few breaks to draw breath. Songs from the first EP were thrown in, as was a Slayer cover and load of classics.

It’s great to see original guitarist Wayne Lozinak back with the band. I spent the majority of the gig pressed against the barrier right in front of him. Courtesy of a stinking cold I really wasn’t up for the pit (though it didn’t stop me on a couple of occasions!). Hopefully I didn’t shower him in snot when I was headbanging. Regardless, I managed to catch one of his picks afterwards. I’m sure I already have one somewhere from a previous concert – I think the Machine Head support slot they did a few months ago.

As ever, it was a good crowd and as Jamey Jasta said – well done to those who made it for braving the roads. I’m sure there would have been a lot more people there if they could have made it. The hour-long drive from Edinburgh was nearer two hours so I doubt anyone much further afield would have stood a chance of making it there safely.

As ever, the security at the Garage were superb. It’s encouraging when you see one of the bouncers stood at the front of the stage, nodding his head along to the music! Barrowlands could learn a thing or two from the staff here. Like how not to be an absolute bunch of egotistical, steroid-dependant wankers, for instance.

Definitely a band worth seeing if you like the hardcore side of metal. If I had to pick a band with the best lyrics going these days, they’d be at the top of the pile. I’d love to see them in a larger setting again, maybe a festival over summer. I can only hope!

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And in music today…

The "devil's horns" symbol that Dio ...

A few things music-y popped up today so I thought I’d bang a post up rather than just raving about them on Twitter.


As well as being overjoyed at getting a ticket to see them at Glasgow Barrowlands in November, I’m well impressed with the title track they’ve started streaming from the new album (World Painted Blood). It’s available from their MySpace page so you’ll have to put up with formatting that looks like it was dreamed up by a 6 year old with spatial awareness issues, but it’s worth it.

Much as I adored the ball-out utter thrashing heavyness of God Hates Us All, I was underwhelmed by Christ Illusion, it seeming like just more of the same. This new title track shows a lot more variety and a touch of the cleaner sound harking back to the likes of South of Heaven. If the rest of the album holds up then I’m very excited indeed.


One album I’m no longer waiting for is Hatebreed’s Hatebreed, their fifth album. It’s superb, and the first real change in tone I’ve heard from them in their history. Not quite as in-your-face heavy as… well, everything else they’ve ever released. There’s even an instrumental on it.

This will be on repeat play in the car along with…


Got ahold of the new Mustaine & Co album Endgame last week and that’s been looped to death already. Definitely their best release in a long time, though I still think The System Has Failed was pretty good.

And finally… a 4 year old on the drums

Yeah, this is rather cool. I can’t include the video as they’ve disabled embedding, but head over to YouTube and check out this immensely talented kid. The prime video to check is the one of him drumming to Harvester of Sorrow (check out around 5:20 for some real skill), though he’s got loads more on his YouTube channel.

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