2019 Pic 17

Not so much a happy one as a relieved one. More work, but more money even if it’s just a nice hit before summer. Assuming the “qualification” section where I have to satisfy their seemingly random marking strategies doesn’t go completely to crap like it did the last time I tried… Apparently that was the new system that year being glitchy. I guess we’ll see.

2019 Pic 13

Because cupcakes always taste better when you make them yourself. OK, so by “myself” I mean that the wife made them. Except for the icing which was done by the youngest. So I actually don’t mean “by yourself” at all. More “by someone else, but not in a factory”. And with an element of child labour.

I’ll just shut up and eat them. As luck would have it, the littlest likes icing but doesn’t like cake so…