2019 Pic 175

It’s hard to find a picture that does “music” justice, but this’ll do. I spent about 6 hours today, for the second time in a few days, sat on a coach ferrying pupils back from a canoeing trip. All well and good, but I get travel sick on coaches now after the robust stomach I had when I was backpacking seems to have left me. My stock solution is to:

  1. Recline as far back as I can (lying down is best)
  2. Zone out / sleep / doze / meditate
  3. Bang some tunes on my headphones

I remember coming back from the Gili islands some years ago on a very bumpy boat where 1 and 2 weren’t options due to the seating and bumpy ride. Number 3 – in particular Pantera’s Cowboys From Hell album on repeat – saved myself and my fellow passengers from a very chunky pebbledashing.

Despite having my eyes closed for umpteen hours, I still managed to lose myself in the likes of Machine Head, Sabaton, Falling In Reverse, Jupiter Falls, Body Count… Just check out my last.fm scrobble list for the full skinny.

2019 Pic 174

Finally found somewhere that sells pizza that both of the kids like! Thank you, Morrisons Café. And it’s pretty cheap. After an early afternoon at the swimming bath, we popped in here for a late lunch. Great food, quiet and convenient. No, I’m not being sponsored. It’s just a relief being able to go somewhere other than McDs and have them actually finish their meal without a complaint.