Fuel Fools

Regarding expensive fuel and so forth – for those not in the UK, we’ve got a bit of an issue with the tax on petrol and diesel being somewhere around 85% of the cost. Over the last couple of years we’ve had some muppets organising go-slows and blockades to try and cost the fuel suppliers money. As if that’ll make a difference.

Anyway, in this morning’s news there was the following (from BBC News):


The People’s Fuel Lobby want motorists who are driving at 0830 on Wednesday to stop their vehicles for one minute.

Co-ordinator Andrew Spence said there was strong support for the protest.

“It’s looking absolutely amazing,” he said.

“We have got a lot of haulage companies on board who are planning to go very slow on the motorways.”


Note the “go very slow on motorways” bit. Yes, well done Mr Spence. Why not just piss off all the people trying to get to work in the morning. And at the same time (this is the clever bit), get them to use up more fuel as they have to drive at a slower speed? Amazing.

What got me was the last time this kind of thing happened, he was stood at a roadside as traffic crawled past him, going on about all the horns beeping “in support”. Erm… ever considered it’s people trying to get the damn trucks to go faster so they could get to where they’re going? A beeping horn doesn’t necessarily mean support. It can also mean that said beeper is annoyed!

Amazing how blinkered some people can be.

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