Kill Bill Volume 1

Might as well have my 2p’s worth. Not a great film. Ignore the hype. Yeah, it’s worth seeing, but it’s by no means a classic like Tarantino’s other stuff.

What’s The Big Chin famous for? Witty, off-the-cuff dialogue. What does this film lack? Exactly. Of course, it’s got nothing anywhere near as atrocious as Storm’s line to Toad in X-Men:

Storm: Do know what happens to a toad when it gets struck by lightning…?

(dramatic pause)

Storm: … The same thing as everything else!!!!

I mean whuh?!

Anyway, Kill Bill. Sure, there are some stunning set pieces and fights, but the same could be said of the second Matrix film and it was bloody boring because that’s all it concentrated on.

No plot, little dialogue… it plays more like an Introduction than a Volume One. Mind, I’m more inclined to see KB2 than I am to see Matrix Revolutions.

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