Still In Nigeria… Just

Heading home tonight. Hopefully the weather won’t turn like it did last night. The rain and wind were so strong that both windows literally had water running down them… on the inside! On the right, the water was streaming down the wall about an inch from the plug for the aircon, which could have got interesting.

Thankfully, a laptop with a working battery and two Futurama DVDs saw me through the occasional blackouts. Oh, yes. And I was working hard on site documentation as well… Mind, it’s hard to type up your notes when you can’t actually see them! Aside from when the less-than-occasional lightning flash brightens the room.

Apparently, planes fly out in all weather so I should be OK. Apparently I need to shoot off from here at 6pm to get to the airport within the hour. Seems a little early as the flight’s not until 23:40 and my tickets and boarding passes will already have been sorted.

I just hope they have food at the airport as I’m starving. Lunch arrived prompt at 12:30 and it’s the first thing all week I’ve not been able to eat. Ham sandwich fine. Ham sandwich with some kind of evil spread not fine. I’m sure 95% of the rest of the world would wolf it down and compliment the chef, but I just can’t face it – and I can’t risk being ill in case I chuck up my malaria tablets.

Hey ho. One can of Coke for lunch… Something else I noticed here. Coke tastes the same, but Fanta Orange is a lot sweeter and gloopier, with less fizz. It also turns your spit bright orange for *hours* afterwards, even if you brush your teeth and gargle. Weird.

Add to that, the person I’m supposed to see at 2:30 for a meeting went for another meeting at 2:00 and hasn’t been seen since… I’m in a bit of a bind! Finished the further site documents I had to do and am now sat waffling this stuff off! Must thank Nikki for taking the time and trouble to have a conversation by email with me. I’m sure her company appreciates it too 😉

I suppose my main disappointment this time round in Nigeria has been the lack of wildlife. We just got here before the rainy season last time (end August / beginning September) and the lizards and dragonfiles were everywhere. This time I’ve seen three lizards altogether. Got some cool photos of one, though, but it’s quite a plain one. One of these days I want pictures of the ones that look like an accident in a paint factory.

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