Overdue announcement

I should have mentioned this a few days ago, but a self-induced semi-exile to work on my last coursework has meant that I didn’t get round to it.

Congratulations, please, to Sharon – she became an auntie for the first time late last week. Her brother’s other half finally got bored clenching and dropped a little baby girl at around 7 1/2 lbs. Quite impressive given that I’ve met the mother and I doubt she weighs much more than twice that herself!

Mum and baby doing well, auntie and grandmother running round like loons trying to figure out how to get to extreme NW Scotland to visit! Grandad in Kazakhstan and, I assume, looking forward to xmas at home with the new addition to the family.

Spam the spammers

BBC News reports that Lycos have created a screensaver that tackles spam websites. The news article describes how it works, but I urge anyone, especially with a broadband connection, to head directly to Make Love Not Spam and nab the screen saver now.

As of this evening, I’ll have it running on three PCs. There are versions for Windows and Mac. Hopefully they’ll come up with a Linux version soon, too.

Spare Blink-182 ticket for sale

eBay item 2289787221 (Ends 01-Dec-04 19:13:36 GMT) – Blink 182 Ticket Newcastle Dec 2nd STANDING

It’s sold. Some guy emailed me direct via eBay. His mate’s a fan, I just want the face value of the ticket plus maybe a couple of quid for the booking fee. Everyone’s happy. Yay.

Just need to arrange where to meet him on Thursday night!

City demands ‘anti-gay’ music ban – and a new poll

I have to confess that this story worries me somewhat. While I am most definitely not anti-gay (more gay men = more women for me, and lesbians are always good to watch), you have to wonder where something like this will stop.

Now, I appreciate that “Elephant Man” should be pilloried, called an arse, kicked about and covered in a bucket of shit… and that’s just because he looks like a cunt. Come on – check out that publicity still used on the above link. The problem is that we supposedly have freedom of speech in this country.

While the lyrics he uses are derogatory, and I have to say I’ve not heard them though I doubt I’d understand them anyway, they’re his views. Or at least the views of his publicist who reckons they’ll get him some column inches and shift a few albums.

Current law, I believe, allows censorship where its believed that the published words may incite hatred or violence – or legalese to that effect. Well, you can argue that this tosser’s stuff does. I want to punch him, after all, though I don’t think that’s what he intended. The thing is, you’ve got to draw a line. If you ban albums with anti-gay lyrics on, then you have to ban those with racist lyrics. You should also ban ones that include piss-takes of religions, and that would include at least two Weird Al Yankovic albums. Then maybe those that hold a derogatory view of the royal family (bye, bye Sex Pistols), or suggest ill will towards the government…

It’s a slippery path. I’m all for freedom of speech, even if I disagree with what someone else is saying. If nothing else it gives them the chance to stand up in public and show what a cock they are.

I suppose a small mercy is that, for the moment at least, it’s taking attention away from the devil-worshipping, gun-toting, best-friend-killing, animal-torturing, suicidal evilness that is heavy metal.

So… what do you lot think. Specifically looking at Brighton & Hove council’s attempt to ban anti-gay music from shop shelves. The poll’s in the usual place: left hand side, near the top. Poll closes once the votes trickle out, or about a week.

Root beer poll results

The bugger’s back. Thank you for your patience (like you had a choice) and I hope to make up for it with a few posts between tonight and tomorrow. Don’t want to spoil you all at once.

First off, the results of the Root Beer Poll which I’m just about to close. In summary, you’re all fucking wrong. But the less of the root beer you drink, the more I have for myself. I blame me being the only one to vote properly on Adam not visiting my blog in ages. Git.

Results of Root Beer poll
Results of Root Beer poll
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