Reply from KFC and other gubbins

Letter from KFC

Dear Mosh,

Thank you for contacting the Customer Careline regarding the current advertising campaign. It is not KFC GB Ltd’s aim to offend or upset the viewing public with our advertisements and we apologise if we have done so. All comments are appreciated and have therefore been passed to our marketing department for their information. However we understand that the current campaign will be running for the forseeable future.

With regard to the store finder facilities on our Website, this is currently under review. Once again we apologise for any dissatisfaction that has been caused.

And no ******* free vouchers to try and buy me off. Tightwad bastards.

You know you’re getting old when…

…you can eat a bowl of Shredded Wheat without burying the foul stuff in sugar

…you spend more time walking around holding your stomach in thinking how good it makes you look than actually doing exercise which would mean you’d not have to hold the damn thing in in the first place

Ickle kiddie in the pub

I went into the pub at lunch (erm… for a change) and hung around the pool table with a bunch of the lads from work. After a bit, the cutest little toddler came… well… toddling through to see what we were doing.

You know how kids are just so cute around that age? Just able to walk, stary eyes, little smile, everything around them just so damn interesting? Lovely kid.

She vanished after a bit into the safety of her pram. After a while we heard her having a bit of a cry. I saw her parents. I think she’s just sussed how she’s going to end up. What a pair of mingers. I mean, I’m hardly one to judge but it doesn’t seem to matter which set of genes she inherits the strongest. Either way, she’s ****** once they kick in.

Poor bugger.

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3 thoughts on “Reply from KFC and other gubbins”

  1. Congrats on the response, really didn’t thihnk they’d actually send one but.. well done.. shame about the bribery.. but **** happens…. as for the toddler?? did you mean in ref to her parents or the bunch of alcoholics that you were accompanying???? lol 🙂

  2. Nah. The kid was well cute. And anyway, I wasn’t playing at the time and I’m not going to grab another guy’s cue when he’s about to shoot.

    Or something.

    I’d have brayed her dad but you’d not have been able to tell the difference.

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