Incorrect priorities

To the BBC

Dear Sir,

As a license-fee payer I was incensed by the BBC’s insensitive attitude to a major event yesterday evening. I do understand that schedules can slip for some reason, but given the importance and need for reflection on the events of the day, I can see no acceptable circumstance for the 5 minute delay to the start of Match of the Day.

As someone who attended the game and thus didn’t have the benefit of an instant replay, I was desperate to find out what had happened with Dyer and Bowyer. I was kept on the edge of my seat for five additional stressful minutes as a result of the BBC News running over. Have the BBC no idea of the anxiety and upset this kind of thoughtless messing with the TV listings can cause?


Disgusted of Bradford

Cup Semi ticket
Cup Semi ticket

Woop! Woop! Woop!

See picture. ‘Nuff said.

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15 thoughts on “Incorrect priorities”

  1. Did I ever mention that, although not that interested in football, of all the teams the one that get’s my ‘support’ is Aston Villa……..?

  2. ‘We’, SFG? I thought you would be a Stoke City boy? I thought it was mandatory for all blokes from Stoke to have ‘SCFC’ tattooed on their arse? And I have photographic evidence somewhere….

  3. Blah. Never been interested in football, sorry. I’m off to watch Doctor Who again.

    And you know what? We’re all grown up now, so you can’t flush my head down the toilet.

  4. I blame it all on that Mr Souness chap ! Sir Bob would never have let those two ragamuffins play the beautiful game for his beloved club – support a real football club (Swindon Town) – come on u robins !
    so there

  5. Da Goldfish – watch it *again*? Does this mean you have it on video? I missed it….. and I *have* to see it, my life depends on it…

  6. Anni,

    ‘We’ is Manchester City.. Being a Manchester lad just doing missionary work in Stoke..

    The day I have SCFC tattooed on my arse you WIL HAVE photographic evidence!


  7. Okay, okay, rub it in why don’t you. The Spurs will rise again………….. eventually…………… just maybe not in my lifetime šŸ™

  8. Alan – yes, you jumped on the wrong band-wagon…

    SFG – please promise me I’ll never see photographic evidence of your arse regardless of the circumstances.

    Mog – hate to say it, but Bobby *bought* Bowyer. Or at least he was “in charge” when Fat Freddy bought him.

    Having seen footage and stuff I can see some kind of leniency could be given to Dyer. He has, genuinely, only raised his hands after suffering one headbutt and several punches. The one swing he made didn’t connect, either. I think that classes as extreme provocation.

    Still, he’s ****** all the same.

  9. Anni – I still have it on vid so let me know if you’re still desperate to watch & we can sort out some sort of old fashioned postal exchange

    (sadly, my technological skills don’t run to knowing how to transfer video to pc & all that cunning stuff)…

    current resident of Ecclestonia

  10. Hey, Mosh, if I was going to jump on a bandwagon, you think I’d have jumped on that one???

    We will get our revenge on Sunday!

  11. Alan – hey, they were good in Europe. Once. Years ago. And you’ll be playing our sodding youth team on Sunday. You ought to win.

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