Apologies in advance

Anni. With a guitar.
Anni. With a guitar.

If it chucks it down with rain today in the Bradford area, it’s all my fault. I meant to wash my duvet yesterday so I could put it out to dry and I forgot. So I popped it in the wash this morning instead… and then gathered that we’re due for thunder storms and torrential rain.


New toys

Seeing as Anni was too pissed (see yesterday’s comments) to spot the ******* huge graphic above, I’ll detail the additions to the page. One is the aforementioned big blue box with a yellow and green border right at the top of the ******* page which is sooooo hard to see. It lets you know what I’m listening to on Winamp, and is supplied by SigAmp. They do versions for about 6 different media players.

Further down on the left, I’ve added a proper RSS feed to go with the Atom one (see the subscribe section) courtesy of FeedBurner. This’ll mean knack all to most of you – and in fact to me – but some people have asked for it so there you go.

Finally, right at the bottom of the left section is a little map that details bloggers near my location. This one courtesy of FeedMap.

That text message

OK, it’s been asked for and I said I’d post it. Anni’s shitfaced text message from Friday night:

I am very very drunk, waiting 4 bus home. I have a blow up guitar.

Yes. Well. Thanks for that. How utterly random.

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You bastard!

Actually, why was it random? As you can see from the picture, I do indeed have a blow up guitar.

Beautiful weather here – my duvet is going to be dry by lunch time! Right, off to get my tits out in the park….

rosa posa

HA! you posted it just like you said! Oh that is one of the best things i have ever seen.. ever!

But again.. anni makes more sense drunk than i do sober.

Dyna Girl

Hey, Anni. I have lots of blow up guitars. Shall I send you a whole lot? They’re prizes for the kids @work.

Mosh…my, my, those are some long eyelashes. Men…you get all the lashes. I’m loving taking a little tour around here.


Yes. Bastard has the longest eye-lashes I have ever seen. Only we’re not allowed to mention them, as it pisses him off.


Enough about the eyelashes already! Yeesh, you post one hugely embarassing photo of a person holding a blow-up guitar…


Embarrassing? Who’s embarrassed? I think I look pretty cool myself….

And see what I mean DG? Pisses him off…. can we talk about them some more? Like how I sorted out my false eyelashes for the hen party, so they could be half the length of Mosh’s, but then bloody left them at home.


You do realise I can edit your comments at will and make you say *really *silly things?

Dyna Girl

Ok, no eyelash-talk. eeeeeee gads, tough crowd.

But really…hating long eyelash talk? tsk .tsk.


I know you can edit my comments – see the ones to yesterdays post – *rolls eyes* – you made me seem drunk and incoherent.


kitten muddy funster aardvark
nipple clamp maltesers


oi, lashes mcflutter, leave my comments alone!


Weird *******, the lot of you.

And I’d not change you for the world 🙂


Nipple clamp maltesers? They sound interesting.

And oh my god JyJ, I *love* you for that name.

*rushes off to change link on her blog*


JJ – you are soooooooo dead