Bow down in awe

About bloody time

Puny mortals! Put your foreheads to the ground and wail in wonder at the miracle that is… my 2.2 and new-found ability to put BSc (Hons) after my name. BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Yes, I have managed to squeeze a 6-year degree course into 4 years and still pass!

The mind boggles. Or it did. It’s now stopped boggling. A complete lack of bogglage for the forseeable future, actually.


I just had an envelope thrust at me by one of my work colleagues, with “Paul Gregory Baby Collection” on it . This is so unfair. Everyone else is making do with turkey for xmas and this git get us to pay for a baby for him and his mrs. How unfair is that?

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Mr Whiskers

I got a 2:1…

And if you think i’m showing off in truly obnoxious stylee…

Well, yes. Yes I am. Here is smug, and smug is me.

Well done anyway, though. But just think: If you’d only smoked some cigarettes, it might have increased your brain power enough to get a First…


…or I might have died and not got past the first year which would have saved me some cash. Dude, I *did* smoke cigarettes. Not voluntarily, mind. I worked in a pub and a nightclub for 2 or so years and the pub work definitely was affecting my health – it was a really low-ceilinged pokey little place.

And anyway, a 2:1 just says you didn’t have as much fun as you could have you 4-eyed, studious, geek-type 😛


we bow down and worship your brain oh great one, please do not smite us if you become wrathful

all hail
all hail

Congratulations from a fellow 2:2’er. About bloody time! Now you can realise that a degree is fundamentally useless like the rest of us grads! 😉


Okay, okay, I’m bowing down in awe already! Still bowing, still bowing. Ok, I’m getting up my back is getting sore. Congrats!

All these old people and their backs…….. tut tut hehe YOU KNOW I am so chuffed with your grading.. well done my old chum 😀


Hehe – what I want to know is why did it take some silly bit of paper to make you peasants realise you should be worshipping me? Yeesh.


Now all you need is a PhD and you can join me working in the sport centre.


Big congrats. Better than the 3rd you’d predicted. BTW whats wrong with a 2.1 I got one, and I don’t remember studying!

Oh hail and bow down!!


Dale – 2:1 means you tried to have too much fun and didn’t quite manage it. Halfway house between being too studious and too lazy. Too indecisive! 😛

SS – I thought you were finishing at the sports centre? I really should check your blog more often…


I’m probably stuck in the sport centre until the new year. The only plus point is that I can spend all evening doing **** all/ applying for jobs.


Ss – good lad 🙂 Hey, at least you seem to be enjoying the job from what I was gathering from your blog. Could be worse. You could be doing Mr Whiskers job and working with complete knackers like he does.

Poor bastard.