Bank robbers really are unimaginative

Quite an impressive haul – up to £50million. Almost enough to buy 4 Premiership footballers. Or 1 Premiership footballer if you’re Chelsea and their agent sees you coming.

However, am I the only one who’s noticed a surprising similarity between this one and the one allegedly performed by the IRA last year? Kidnap the guy who runs the operation and hold a gun to his and his family’s collective heads?

I may have my details wrong, in fairness – I’ve not had a net connection to be able to check the history – but in essence it seems like a very similar tactic.

As I drove up to Glasgow, I heard they’d arrested two people already. I guess all you’ve got to do is wait for someone on income support to walk into a shop and try to buy a Maseratti with a huge case full of used fivers.

3 thoughts on “Bank robbers really are unimaginative”

  1. The tactic has been seen numerous times – it was even done for laughs in the quite good film Bandits, with Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton and Cate *pant* Blanchett. They were known as the “sleepover bandits”

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