Last day lunches

Today for lunch I had a fresh pear, a Shape low-fat yoghurt and… erm… 3 pints of beer.

Bollocks. It’s my last day. Apparently this is the first “last day lunch” anyone’s been to where the “leav-ee” hasn’t had to dig into their own pocket for beverages. I assume one of two things:

a) they love me, or
b) they’re trying to poison me with beer

Either’s fine with me.

8 thoughts on “Last day lunches”

  1. It’s nice to see that you’re finally off. How is the house-getting rid of going?

    new news

    new web address
    off work on crutches until 23rd+ March – joy

    let me know when you’re off

  2. Damo – great to see you’re back online… not so good that you’re back being clumsy again! What did you do this time? Stare the wrong way at a psycho paperclip?

    John – erm… are you the one I sat next to for the last year at work? Cos if so, you’re just scared me for the first time ever…

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