It’s Ok to offend religion… as long as it’s not mine

Isaac Hayes has quit his role as Chef in South Park. A year ago he joked that nobody should be offended by the program’s jokes about Jews, Mormons, Christians, Muslims, etc etc etc. And he’s right. They don’t pick on anyone in particular. It’s not a vendetta.

Only they recently picked on Scientology. And Hayes has been a Scientologist for 13 years. So he’s thrown a hissy fit and quit.

Voice of chef – cool.
Theme from Shaft – cool.
Getting all upset because someone points out that Scientology is a pile of **** aimed at the stupid and rich – decidedly uncool.

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Chris Parr

So you made it there in one piece 🙂

Hehe looks like it… doesn’t sound as though he has much energy left though from what I understand 😉


How’s the weather over there?

I have no problem with scientology really – hopefully it will turn into a mass suicide cult – then the world will be free from mad-as-a-badger US actors.
he he he


I am pooped as the weather is remarkably hot. And humid. You know, pretty much exactly unlike that in the UK. I’m also currently 50 yards from the sea. No, in fairness make that 60. The tide’s gone out over the last hour.

At the risk of inflaming any Scientologists that are reading this – watch the ‘offending’ episode here



Last night was the season premiere of South Park. The whole episode was about Chef. Laughed until I cried. If Isaac Hayes thought they went too far with the Scientology episode, I’m sure he was livid about this one.


MBtB – Damn, I wish I had the time to watch that. Shame there’s no way to download that video… (goes to look at HTML source)

Echo – yeah, I read about the new episode on the BBC!


Arse. And now I have the time to watch it, the video’s been hoiked offline.

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