St Paddy’s Day… slightly delayed

Those reading my other blog will know I witnessed three St Paddy’s Day events. One in London a week early, one on the night in Bangkok and one a week later at a posh dinner/dance, also in Bangkok. So, basically, they can’t even get the sodding date right.

Essentially, it’s an excuse for Americans to decide they’re Irish for one day. Something to be so proud of – “we loved the ‘Old Country’ so much that left.”

I think some silly **** lost the recipe for making chips – this whole “potato famine” thing is a cover-story so they don’t appear quite so stupid. My (very vague) proof is that if you go to the US and ask for chips, you get a bag of crisps. They still haven’t managed to get them right, though the Irish themselves rediscovered the recipe so sell you the proper thing if you go there.

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