Pat Pong, ping pong and lucky numbers

As those reading my other blog may be aware, I visited Pat Pong a couple of weeks ago. This is the are of Bangkok with the… “interesting” floorshows. Where women fire darts from their ***** and the like. Entertainment for all the family. If the family’s the Mansons.

One “trick” we endured was a girl smearing KY on several ping pong balls before slipping them inside her vagina while stood up. She’d then drop them out, one by one, to slip down her legs and into a stragecialy placed glass bowl.

Now. Ping ping balls. Dropping into something. Add a few numbers, give out a prize… it’s the National Lottery. With slappers. OK. More slappers…

*hazy dream shifty effect and fade to TV studio*

A round of applause for Frank from Croydon for picking tonights ball dispenser, who will be Mi Ling! Patience, please, ladies and gentlemen as the balls are juggled up and popped into her fanny.

Drum roll please! First out *pop* is… 28! Making its 15th appearance from Ling’s vacuous womb, it’s 73rd appearance overall.

*pop* next out is… bear with us while our “man on the stage” wipes that Chlamydia smear off… is lucky number 7! Lucky for me I was wearing a johnny when I got a freebie of this little lady earlier in the evening.

*returns to sanity*

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OK, *now* I understand why you have two blogs.

Chris Parr

Just keep the language down on this one…. No wait, on the other one…. or …. err …. Oh bollocks, my memory is ****!

Opps 🙂

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