Shut the **** up you inbred ginger *******

You’d think the world was ending. Or someone was trying to import cocaine in a “buy one ounce get one free” frenzy, but no it’s simply a ferry sailing on a Sunday.

To the pathetic, selfish ******* who signed the petition and strung tape up to try and stop an umpteen-ton sailing vessel – **** off. If you don’t want to catch the ferry… don’t ******* go down to the dock. What bloody difference does it make if it turns up?

Don’t like it? Don’t ******* use it. Worried about the temptation that may wash over you to *gasp* go somewhere and not spend the day worshipping some figment of your imagination? Well, you’re a **** christian then, aren’t you?

Get a grip. Get a life. Stop trying to force your ludicrous beliefs on the sensible members of the world’s population.

I’m so glad I don’t believe in Hell coz I’d be going straight there.

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not up for keeping Sunday’s “special” then…

is that special as in ‘special needs’?


Must be. I just don’t get why people can’t let *other* folk get on with their lives. One of their arguments is it’s a “day for family”. So what if your family are a ferry ride away? Surely not *everyone* on the island’s related to one another?


saw Hayssed Dixie playing at the Fareham Festival last night – excellent night & I was in the front row – tops!


Lucky you! I’m crossing my fingers they decide to try Asia some day. Or come Down Under later in the year. The bassist is leaving, I hear. Dunno what they’ll do till they replace him as they tour a *lot*.

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