Jesus to sue film-makers

Or something. Basically, some Catholic muppet with too much spare time in claiming that the church should sue Sony Pictures over The Da Vinci Code. They claim that the film and book are “fiction trading as fact”. That’s a bit rich coming from an organisation that publishes the Bible, isn’t it? Biggest-selling work of fiction in the world!

I mean, if they can sue Dan Brown and/or Sony (on what grounds, I’d really like to know) then surely the Muslim community should be able to sue them for their contradictory religious works? And the Jews. And the Scientologists.

What a crock of ****. Who gets the feeling this bloke’s just pissed off at not being made Pope and is trying to get a bit of the limelight?

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yeh, but ikkle baby jeebus loves you anyway (hehhehheh)


ikkle baby jeebus can suck my cock. And that’s not paedophilia because ickle baby jeebus doesn’t exist…

Hey, I’m going to hell anyway. I may as well get on Satan’s good side.


I don’t have a good side.


You know, somehow part of me is heartened by the Lord of Darkness’s honesty. Thanks, Satan. Give my love to Sadam while you’re ******* him up the arse.

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