Reasons for neutering children

Chav culture has struck again as an eleven year old is about to give birth in Scotland. The father’s 15 (and probably a coke-head) and the girl’s mother is proud of her for keeping the kid. The only thing I can think of her being proud about is the increase in income support their little brood will bring in, the scrounging workshy *******.

Oh, yes. And to top it all the 11 year-old smokes 20 a day. Where the ***** does an 11 year old find five quid upwards per day to buy fags?

I reckon any kid that acts like that one must have at an early age should be summarily neutered – perhaps reversibly – until they can actually act responsibly. And their parents should be hit with clubs. ******* unreal.

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Chris Parr

Has the 15 year old been arested and charged? I doubt it.

I know you should give people the benefit of the doubt, but when she smokes 20 a day (I wish I could afford to do that, not that I would, I’d just like the cash), and her mum is proud of her, you can’t help but think the kid is a lost cause before it is even born.

I think this country would be a better place if you had to apply and pass a test before you could get pregnant.

I bet she drops out of school and lives off the government all her life. I only hope the kid manages to make it against all odds and pull him/her self away from the life that her stupid mother and grandmother will offer.

Don’t get me started on my “smoking whilst pregnant” soap box. To me that is child abuse!

This silly little girl will probably churn loads of babies out when people who can offer a safe caring environment with good prospects can’t get pregnant.


I was just about to add an update. Yes, he’s been arrested. And will, pretty inevitably, end up on the sex offender’s register. Sadly, he’s too young for jail so he won’t be gang-raped in the showers. Shame.

As for the mother-to-bem with any luck she’ll graduate to cocaine and overdose. I think choking on her own vomit would be a fitting end to such a pathetic waste of hydrocarbons.


Need help wtih the clubs ?

I don’t the mother has two functioning brain cells – so the girl should be removed from her care, for her own safety and that of the unborn child. Feel really bad for the poor, unborn child who didn’t ask to be brought into such mess.


Well, the poor unborn child will likely be born with brain damage and other defects due to the 20-a-day fixation of its mother. I just don’t get the bit where she says she’ll be a good mum as she’s looked after her brothers, yet obviously hasn’t got the first clue about health.

Silly bitch.


Her mother needs strung up.What the hell was she thinking when she allowed her 11 year old daughter to go for a night out with friends in Edinburgh?


Molly – the mother *doesn’t* think. She’s probably some strung-out-on-coke old trollop herself.

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