Why blame the police?

A woman was killed when a stolen car, chased by police, ploughed through her and her two children in South Shields. And now the police are launching an enquiry to see if the officer involved was at fault.

Why on earth are they trying to see if the police did anything wrong? If the piece of **** who stole the car (carjacked, in fact, threatening the owner with a weapon) hadn’t done so, or had given up then nothing would have happened. What are the police meant to do? Just let them drive off and assume they’ll catch them later once they stop for a packet of fags?

****’s sake. I pity the family that’s lost a mother and my heart goes out to the children who are still in a worrying condition. However, I’m sure they’re not looking to blame the police, although I know far too many people will jump at the chance to point fingers if they think it’ll mean a cash payout.

I await the thieving scum in the car trying to get compensation for his injuries from the police. If that’s the case, may I suggest they make it worth his while and kick the ****’s ******* head in. Then throw him down some stairs. Then use a Black and Decker on his kneecaps.

For starters.

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Chris Parr

Last I heard was the grandmother was dead, and the mother and two kids in the pushchair were critical.

Even if the **** gets life he will be out in 8 years. Why on earth do they call it life? Send him of to an uninhabited island to fend for himself. Better still drop him off in the middle of the Atlantic on a raft wearing nothing but his underpants with “don’t save me, I’m a ****” tatooed on his face (I like that one).


Chris, we’re talking about economics here. Transferring him to an island is expensive. Drilling out his kneecaps and leaving him to bleed to death in the middle of the M1 at rush hour’s comparitively cheap.

Dewi Morgan

My father lived, though hurt, through a similar accident, when regular police were chasing in a regular squad car, and the chased car smashed into the driver’s side of his car.

Regular cop cars can’t engage in high speed pursuit. Only “jam sandwich” cars with trained HSP drivers may be used: but police ignore this.

Yes it was a stolen car. But the police should not (MUST not) engage in high speed chases in built up areas. Chacing a criminal encourages/forces them to take risks that they wouldn’t otherwise. People don’t want to take risks, so they will drive fast to try to escape.

The police mustn’t pursue where the risk to life is greater than the possible gain of retrieving some rich ****’s (or chav’s) fully insured blinged-to-the-eyeballs car undamaged.

Chases don’t return cars undamaged. Unless measures are made to stop the car with roadblocks, chases stop when one or the other car crashes. If the car will be written off (burned out) on its own, or written off with at least one other car that it crashed into, which is best?

Even when a certified HSP driver is driving a proper car, where the risk is reasonable, they must still have a plan for stopping and capturing the pursued.

The police know this. They have helicopters, roadblocks, tire-piercing devices, and very very clear guidelines that say “chav’s car”

Dewi Morgan

I meant: “People don’t want to BE ARRESTED, so they will drive fast to try to escape.”

And it truncated:

The police know this. They have helicopters, roadblocks, tire-piercing devices, and very very clear guidelines that say “chav’s car” << “child’s life”

So, hell yeah, there should be an investigation. And I sure hope that family gets a hell of a lot more from the police than the “nothing at all” my dad got.

These are not isolated incidents.

It has been reported by the IPCC to happen “too often” (a fatality once a week or so, no record of how many injuries, disablements, and damaged property).

In fact, it’s THE most common cause of police-related death, causing more deaths than all other causes put together:



I touched on this in my blog.

My solution to the problem of the scouse **** who carjacked the car – Send him to Iraq –
If the freedom fighters don’t get him then the stupid-arsed scepos will probably kill him as they can’t hit an enemy target without first killing their allies.
problem solved


Fair points from Dewi. It just pisses me off that the thing that starts the chases is a criminal action of theft. If you say that police simply can’t chase people, then it means that any crook who jumps into a car and zooms off knows they can vanish and not be caught.

Another good reason for arming police. Shoot the ******* before they get into the car.

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