Told you he was a ****

Naseem Hamed (a guy who gets paid millions for beating other guys up) has been jailed for dangerous driving. Funnily enough, every time I’ve seen the guy on TV I’ve thought “egotistical prick”.

Lo and behold… I’m right. Overtaking over a solid white line in front of a dip in the road and head on into anouther car just to try and impress someone. This is a guy who’s so full of himself it’s amazing he hasn’t been shitting little Naseems for years.

I just hope he finds someone in jail who really likes him. Yes – in that way. ****.

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Chris Parr

Caught an update to the story on the news last night.

He will be protected by a ring of steal 24 hours a day after all the prison hard men said they want a pop at him. Not sure what ring of steal means (but I bet it costs money, taxpayers money), but he shouldn’t get extra treatment. If he didn’t want to go to prison he shouldn’t have been a naughty boy.


The simple way would be to put him in solitary confinement. No access to the gym (well, why should he leave prison fit enough to continue work? It’s meant to be a punishment) and food through a hatch in the door. Bread and water. If he begs for it. Bring the uppity **** down a peg or two.

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