Oh, Lordi!

For the first time ever I wish I’d watched a Eurovision Song Contest final after Lordi won this year’s. A Finnish death metal (ish) band winning the most banal, dull, political music competition going. Not the most pointless – that’s the industry-voted Brits where the bands that the companies want to do well next year pick up prizes for not quite being commercial enough.

I didn’t even know that the Euro final was on last night. I only found out when the news made the front of BBC News’ page and also cropped up on Sky-NZ headlines over here. Thing is, it’s a pretty good song as well. And it’s the first time I can claim I’ve actually seen a Euro finalist live – I caught them very briefly at Download last year.

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They were certainly different from the usual Euro entries.

One of the entries also has, inadvertently, got a porno doing hte rounds on the net :o)

Chris Parr

I only saw three acts: That one, the UK one and 5 blokes in formal dress singing “we are the champions… of eurovision” in a kind of footabll chant for 5 minutes.

Based on that, the best band won. Oh, and I did learn of one piece of depressing eurovision trivia: They actually have a semi final :0


The “We are the champions” one was Lithuania. I’ve heard the Lordi song only by streaming it from the BBC News site (which will happily serve me up copyrighted music tracks, but won’t let me see the BBC News videos themselves as I’m not in the UK. ********).

For *years* I’ve been saying we should put Iron Maiden or someone up as our entry for the competition. And now look what happens when someone else takes my idea and uses it…

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