Bush to destroy family life to cover up his ****-ups

George Bush does it again. Targetting a minority in a bid to take people’s attentions away from the atrocities being commited in his name in other parts of the world. This time he’s calling for a gay marriage ban, most likely to stir up some support from the Bible-bashers across the southern states.

As the article says, the amendment is highly unlikely to go through but is simply a smokescreen to gain some support – suppot which has been sliding rapidly over recent months.

And who thought the manipulative, self-serving, pathetic little man couldn’t sink any lower?

He states that “Ages of experience have taught us that the commitment of a husband and a wife to love and to serve one another promotes the welfare of children and the stability of society.”

This is **** on so many levels. The reason we’ve had ages of experience is that it’s been the only relationship accepted by society for thousands of years – at least here and in the US.

Does anyone have the divorce/separation rates for gay couples as compared to hetero ones? Divorce must rate as one of the largest upsets possible in a child’s life. Many kids get through it, but it can be hugely traumatic. Gay couples rarely get kids except through adoption. It’s bloody hard for them to have a family otherwise. Whereas hetero ones can pop them out like peas from a pod without being means-tested or having their backgrounds probed to make sure they’re “suitable”.

I’m no expert and I’ll be utterly honest. I’m a little unsure about kids being raised by same-sex couples. I just don’t know how well-adjusted the children will be and I can assure you they’ll be bullied mercilessly at school. However, I don’t think they’ll catch “gay” from mum and mum or dad and dad. That’d just ludicrous.

As I said, though, a gat couple has to prove beyond a doubt that they’d be good parents before they can adopt – moreso than any hetero couple. Of course, there are other routes, especially for lesbian couples, whereby getting pregnant is a lot easier than the adoption route… but we’re off onto another conversation here.

Bush needs to… well. Bush needs to **** off, foremostly. Sadly, this won’t happen until the next election when he can’t stand again (thank ***** for that). In the meantime, he’s going to gain a few points as the religious right ignore the dying troops and chaos in the Middle East for a chance to persecute people in their own country over a lifestyle decision that defines who they, as people, are.

He’ll be appealing to have all Jewish kids gassed and only allowing people with blonde hair and blue eyes to reproduce next.

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Too right Mosh. The problem is really that president Cheney and his tame monkey are so low in the polls is that the only way they can get US Marines massacre-ing (?) innocent children off the telly is by going after a minority who can’t really fight back. Still, at least you’re out of the UK, it’s only a matter of time before Blair tries the same stunt here.


The state of the UK and the shitty government are just one of the reasons I’d be tempted to stick two fingers up at the place and **** off over to New Zealand.

Cheap sky-diving is another.


let’s face it, gay couples are just as likely / unlikely to produce f*cked up kids as anyone else – evidence being the sheer number of little ***** out there who are the spawn of so called “normal” couples

Dubya => ****, the end

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