Going… going…

Got this mail from Dean, who owns the house next door:

“I thought I’d let you know, I have officially requested that the tenancy
agreement for No.17 not to be extended. I’ve been told that they will be
leaving within 2 months.

That’s before I heard about the Police visit!

Sorry again for the trouble it’s caused, I will be selling as soon as
it’s empty.”

So – relief, in the first instance. Then infuriation, then mystery.

Relief: the ****’s going. Thank ****.

Infuriation: why couldn’t Dean have terminated the agreement earlier? Like a year ago? Hence I’m not that really appeased by the apology. If he was that concerned, the matter could (and should) have been nipped inthe bud a long time ago.

Mystery: what police visit? I had them round to see him at least once maybe a year ago, but I’m not awar eof anything since then. I’ve asked Dean and I’m interested in the reply.

Oh, speaking to Steve a while ago it turns out that the neighbour backing onto cuntboy had been around. He was asking Steve if he knew about the noise and so on. Since I moved out, it’s got worse and has been louder, longer and more frequent at all hours of the day and night. And he’s been chucking his beer cans and stuff over the fence into the guy’s garden.

Needless to say, said chap popping round made no difference. Well, the ****’s gone soon. I only have the deepest sympathies for whatever poor ******** he ends up next to when he moves. I hope they turn out to be bikers with a short temper and a large collection of power tools.

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JJ – I have no idea. Unless he was deliberately kicking it at windows and stuff. Which, frankly, I’d not put past the little ****.


“they caught him on (CC)TV being a **** with a football”

a) so a link through to Monday’s post then!

b) I’m obviously not chav enough but can’t quite get my head round what you could do with a football that would get the police called?


Turns out the police visit was at the behest of people backing on . They caught him on CCTV being a **** with a football, throwing his rubbish over the fence into their garden and one of his mates threatened the guy’s wife.

If there was a way I could sneak back into the country while it still appeared I was over here in NZ (and therefore had a solid alibi) I’d beat the **** out of him and trash the house.

Chris Parr

Or perhaps bikers with a fondness for chavs and s sound proof cellar?

I can hear them calling “Go get the gimp!”.


you’re feeling sleepy, aaaaaaaand you’re under. when I touch your shoulder, you’re going to enlist in the Army. While you’re there you will request to go to iraq.
problem solved.

anyway – too bloody late by half, but at least the ******** are off.


good riddance to bad rubbish!

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