Common sense from the lawmakers?

After far too long, an archaic law banning national flags from being displayed is to be lifted. Believe it or not, if you had a flag on display during the World Cup, unless it was on a single flagpole then it was classed as “advertising” and you were breaking the law.

Of course, no councils ever act on these silly rules, do they?


Peterborough City Council threatened one family with prosecution for displaying two flags on angled poles (I assume that’s the photo on the article). They decided to back down and make an exception for “special occasions”. Wouldn’t it make more sense to just not have bothered in the first place? Who on earth thought they’d be able to push a prosecution through without massive public backlash?

All it would take would be one person on the council with an ounce of sense. But… that’s hardly likely to ever be the case in this day and age.

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