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I was having a discussion over a bowl of noodle soup last night about Lordi and about how they were the best thing ever to happen to the Eurovision song contest. The other person disagreed, but she was wrong.

Anyway, I still hadn’t seen their actual live performance in the final so I did a search on Google video this afternoon and found it. Wow. Now, I’m not a Eurovision fan so I’ve only seen bits and pieces over the years, but I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen so many people from so many countries enjoying an act as much as Lordi’s set. The clip is from their qualifying performance and not the encore after they’d won. Regardless, there are Finnish flags flying… not surprising. And Greek – they hosted it so fair enough. And Norwegian. And Turkish. Those are the only ones you can make out from the camera angles round the front of the stage.

Lordi made a statement. Simply – Finland Rocks. And this is how well it rocks. By simply putting in a great performance with a superb catchy rock anthem instead of some banal pop effort or a tear-jerking (snore-inducing) ballad, Lordi actually caught the imaginations of the people watching. Hell, they were on their feet. Frankly, if they’d not won after that then there’d have been riots.

Anyway, while searching for the video, I found this one. I was trying to use the funky “post this video on my blog” facility, but it failed with a stupid error and dumped all my text. Technology at its usualest.

Shortly after winning, Finland decided to make headlines again… with the largest karaoke performance of all time. Using Hard Rock Hallelujah, they entered the Guinness Book with an 80,000 strong crowd, blasting the previous record of 50,000.

Seriously – about 3/4 of the way through with 80,000 mad Fins screaming “Hard! Rock! Hallelujah!” the hairs on my neck were all a-tingle.


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You should hear their album :o))))))))

I could drip feed you some


Yer alright, thanks fella. Sure I could find it online if I wanted to!

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