Barclays – result!


… sincere apologies for the standard of customer service … clearly fallen short of the standards … very disappointed with the service you have received from Barclays … sorry we did not action your requests …

I have closed your current account … enclosed a cheque for £50

The rest’s all more apologies and instructions on how to complain to the banking ombudsman. Not that I’m that fussed. They were ****, they’re not getting my custom ever again and I’d not recommend them (the opposite in fact) to anyone I know.

However, I got fifty smackers out of it, which kind of alleviates the theft of £100 along with the rest of the contents of my wallet the other day (see Travel Blog). So, kids – it pays to scream your head off at these ********. Sometimes they listen and try to buy you off. And I for one am a cheap whore.

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Managed to get Skype credit as well, courtesy of a friend in NZ who added it for me. Whoop!

Now I just have to convince Acer that *they* lost my ******* 17″ TFT screen…


Congrats on getting some fundage out of Barclays !

Hope the results with Skype are just as good, if not better.


I think pretty much Barclays knew I had a good chance of getting something out of them if I went to the Banking Ombudsman so decided to take the easy way out.

As for Skype… **** all reply after 2 days so I’m kind of assuming they just don’t give a ****. I mean, can you imagine Vodafone saying that you couldn’t use your mobile until you’d paid up front… and then insisted that you could only pay by cheque and that said cheque had to clear into their account before they’d credit your account?

AND that they’d limit how many cheques you could send and for what amount each month. *AND* refuse to accept payment until your credit was below a certain amount?

Welcome to Skype.


at least you got something out of the ********. I cancelled my subscription to a dvd rental place and all they gave me was an out of date free movie ticket. ********.

On other news, saw Col at work today.

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