I won’t bother linking to the BBC News reports, as I’m sure everyone knows about the bomb threat that was nullified today.

What really hit me in the pit of the stomach and freaked me out was finding out through listening to the coverage that Blair’s on holiday and John Prescott is effectively running the country.

Now I am scared. And glad I’m on the other side of the world. Also partly because my pounds are worth significantly more than they were a week or so ago.

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If you believe it really happened then all well and good. If you believe that the Met police just rounded up a load of muslims from their homes, beat the crap out of them, put them in vans and smuggled them into the airport, then telling the airport security they were there, then okay as well. It really was just an excuse for Bliar to shred more of our civil liberties in the name of bush and co.

there you go, rant over.


Dude, you seriously need more of that alcoholically induced casual sex!

Feck knows, I do.


nah, too much of some things can be bad for you – like believing the government


I believe they’re fuckwits. Which is one reason I’m glad I’m safely in Vietnam where they can’t get me!


you are safer there. Prescott can’t sit on you until you get back.


I still love the way he punched that Welsh guy during the election campaign.

Dewi Morgan

You should be Welsh: then you get to do that all the time! 😀


Throw eggs at politicians? Sounds like a good job to me.

Yorkshire Soul

It’s not so bad, Prezza seems to have handed control to Reid.


Peter Reid? As if relegating the mackems several times isn’t enough of an achievement for one man…

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