Acer = *****

For ****’s sake:

Thank you for your letter highlighting the problems you have encountered with our company.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this has caused. We aim to provide you with the highest standards of service, however, there ay be occasions when our service falls short of your expectations. Our aim at all times is to act in the customer’s best interest and to continually improve our quality standards.

We have contacted City Link on your behalf and they have confirmed that your monitor was delivered as per request to [my old employer’s address] on 8th March and was signed for in the name of [person I don’t know]. We have included with this letter a copy of the City Link Delivery Confirmation.

We hope that your complaint was satisfactorily dealt with and would like to assure you of our commitment to current and future customers to deliver a quality service and provide customer care that will at the very least exceed their expectations.

Should you wish to discuss (etc, phone numbers)

Where should I start? I think I’ll hinge on the use of the words “as per request”. I note that they’ve not said as who’s request, because I sure as hell didn’t specify my old workplace as a delivery address. I mean, why would I? Admittedly, I was still employed there on March 8th, but given how long the previous repair took, I didn’t expect to be.

Regardless, by that date my house was empty and all my possessions were in Perth with my parents. I had no way of getting said monitor up there any more. Hence why I had asked for it to be delivered direct to them.

“We hope that your complaint has been satisfactorily dealth with.” Did they read my original letter? I asked for the monitor to be delivered to Perth several months ago. I still want it delivered there. As I asked for it to be and as I was told by the guy on the phone it would be.

Let us make this plain: I AM NOT SATISFIED. I have no way to collect said monitor. I am in Vietnam. My parents are in Perth. Get a ******* map out and look at the distances involved, you *****.

Surely it’s not too much to work out that as ACER ****** up, ACER should sort it? They have the company phone number. Phone Mr XXXX, and ask him to dig the monitor out. Get Shitty Link to collect it and take it to Perth. As it was supposed to be.

For ****’s sake. How can a company go on about improving customer service when it ignores all the complaints it gets sent? What a bunch of ******* retards.

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