Acer update

I’ve added the following two paragraphs to the letter. Also, at Chris’ advice (see comments to previous post), I’ve cc’d the letter to their MD. At least, I think I have as it’s a bloody nightmare to find any corporate information out about Acer from ther website – it’s only interested in selling you stuff and telling you how great they are.

Just in case you missed it in the details at the top of the page, I have cc’d this message to your managing director. Perhaps he will go to the trouble of doing something about this mess. It seems that his staff are either incapable or unwilling, though very happy to whittle on about how much they care about their customers and want to make the world a better place for them to live in. So much hot air so far. I’ve yet to see a shred of evidence to support this hyperbole.

Also, all communications both to you and in response from you are posted publicly on my weblog. I’ll let you try to find it yourselves. Maybe your staff will learn how to type and retrieve information while doing so. This is obviously a skillset they need to develop.

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so we’re meeting for a beer next week in Halifax then? right, I’ll start making plans on how to get to Nova Scotia…


Let’s see if they get the ******* thing to my parents’ before we go praising them. Bear in mind, it’s taken 3 months, several emails and three letters to get them to realise that they ****** up. Hardly quality service.


I think ebay can beat acer for worst customer service. They dont have any and they dont give a **** about there customer run into problems with there service.


You’re not wrong. I’ve had a run-in with eBay before and they seem to just listen to initial complaints and don’t get all the facts before they act. I know several people with issues right now, as it happens.


I got two emails from ,y ex-work today. Apparently Acer are chasing them for the screen which they’re now trying to locate.

Looks like my letter’s got Acer on their ******* toes at last.


This is ace. Could Acer be any more acerer?