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Using the disabled in adverts

I’ve seen a few of these “infomercials” over in Australia, and they’re just like the ones back home. They all seem to use the physically challenged to show how shitty the item is that their wonder-product is designed to replace.

Bagless vacuum cleaner? Show a total spacka trying to close a bagged cleaner on the bag because they can’t get it to fit inside. Again. And again. And again.

Spaghetti cooker? Show some cripple snapping dry spaghetti to get it to fit into saucepan, spraying it all over the place.

Food-choppy thing? Show a complete mong struggling to use such a complicated device as a standard grater over a chopping board. Not just badly, but as if they have absolutely no hand/eye coordination whatsoever. Emphasise how likely it is that their parmesan cheese is likely to be flavoured with knuckle if they don’t spend $35 on a the Chop-a-matic.

And to top it all, what’s the special offer to convince you to buy the vacuum cleaner I mentioned? Buy one, get one free. Who the **** wants two vacuum cleaners? Except someone so completely wankered that they’re likely to break the first one. The kind of person who can’t use a grater, for instance.


Is it wrong that I’m learning more about European history from the Doctor Who novel I’m reading than I was ever taught at school? Up until getting halfway through World Game I didn’t even know that Napoleon fought against both Wellington and Nelson, or what century this was in, let alone the actual years.

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